My Pushkar Experientia

My solo bag packing trip to Rajasthan was filled with many experiences and obviously provides me loads of meat to blog about. My last blog revolved around trusting your gut feeling, and taking that thread ahead, I want to share yet another page from my Rajasthan Chronicles.

“Don’t go to Pushkar, it is so dirty that in spite of being an Indian you will find it unbearably filthy. Besides Pushkar Mela in November, there is nothing much to see, just a brahma temple that’s all. You will be bored out of your wits if you go there. If you want, stay in Ajmer and make a day trip to Pushkar and back. Besides, it is  brimmed with perpetually high hippies smoking pot and not very safe for women, tujhe nahi maloom ? (Don’t you know?) Continue reading “My Pushkar Experientia”


Trust your Gut , Solivagant

“Railway Stations can be very overwhelming. Filled with hordes of unknown people and chatter, hustle –bustle, trains steaming in with constant announcements in the background. I stood there with a huge rucksack and pink bag and for the first time it sunk in that I would be taking this journey alone. Though the country was my own, but the region was something I was blissfully unware of. Did I do the right thing, should I have taken another train that would reach a bit early? I am taking a lot of risk, is it safe, should I just go back? 1 min and 3 deep breaths later, I was ready to take on this journey which would be one of its kind and definitely a first” Continue reading “Trust your Gut , Solivagant”

Rajasthan Chronicles

I recently did a solo bagpacking Rajasthan trip in Oct last year and I am smitten by it. It definitely is a destination of intrigue and has left me craving for more. It inspired me to start a photo blog – Rajasthan Chronicles ,  that is my endeavor to chronicle stories about people of Rajasthan.

I have kept the pictures of famous attractions to minimum ( I am sure, you have seen lots) and have tried to capture the stories behind the people I met there through photographs.

Currently I have just covered Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pushkar.
Continue reading “Rajasthan Chronicles”