The Sky Lantern | Goa

So it was first long weekend of 2015 and it also coincided with my birthday.  I wasn’t really excited about my birthday but one thing I knew for a fact that I did not want to be in Pune. I wanted to go out. Given the long weekend, tickets (train/flight/bus) to go anywhere were exceptionally steep. The accommodations were also no exception and were fully booked.  With very few options left, decided to drive down to Goa and find some cheap stay. I was happy with this proposition for I love beaches, I can sit there for hours and second, I was excited to ring in my birthday in Goa and party hard. You see it was best of both the worlds:) Continue reading “The Sky Lantern | Goa”


Viva Barcelona

I wanted to go to Barcelona ever since I saw the movie Vicky, Christi and Barcelona. I know it is clichéd but there is no denying that the movie is awesome, the performances impeccable and the direction by the eclectic Woody Allen and all in the backdrop of  beautiful Spain.

So when I had an upcoming business event in Barcelona, I jumped at the opportunity and with visas and tickets in place (Spain Embassy is one of the nicest and quickest, so in case you are applying for Schengen Visa, consider Spain J), I was all set for Barcelona. Unlike my other trips, I hardly had time to do in depth research before, thanks to my crazy work schedule but did manage to read up on my way to Barcelona.

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Of Unplanned trips – Hampi Rove

It was Christmas and I was working (rather I forced myself to office and was reluctantly sitting in front of the laptop. The atmosphere in the office was also very festive and people were in  no mood to work( or at least I saw it that way). I was sitting in my cubicle and was browsing the internet and I ended up reading a travel blog and there is a sudden irrestible urge in me to go to some place I have never been. Wanderlust is what some people call it.

That very moment, I do a bit of secondary research zero down Hampi, check for the tickets on redbus and the next thing I know is sitting in Anand Travels with my brother on our way to Hampi.

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Rajasthan Chronicles

I recently did a solo bagpacking Rajasthan trip in Oct last year and I am smitten by it. It definitely is a destination of intrigue and has left me craving for more. It inspired me to start a photo blog – Rajasthan Chronicles ,  that is my endeavor to chronicle stories about people of Rajasthan.

I have kept the pictures of famous attractions to minimum ( I am sure, you have seen lots) and have tried to capture the stories behind the people I met there through photographs.

Currently I have just covered Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pushkar.
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