Trust your Gut , Solivagant

“Railway Stations can be very overwhelming. Filled with hordes of unknown people and chatter, hustle –bustle, trains steaming in with constant announcements in the background. I stood there with a huge rucksack and pink bag and for the first time it sunk in that I would be taking this journey alone. Though the country was my own, but the region was something I was blissfully unware of. Did I do the right thing, should I have taken another train that would reach a bit early? I am taking a lot of risk, is it safe, should I just go back? 1 min and 3 deep breaths later, I was ready to take on this journey which would be one of its kind and definitely a first” Continue reading “Trust your Gut , Solivagant”


The Sky Lantern | Goa

So it was first long weekend of 2015 and it also coincided with my birthday.  I wasn’t really excited about my birthday but one thing I knew for a fact that I did not want to be in Pune. I wanted to go out. Given the long weekend, tickets (train/flight/bus) to go anywhere were exceptionally steep. The accommodations were also no exception and were fully booked.  With very few options left, decided to drive down to Goa and find some cheap stay. I was happy with this proposition for I love beaches, I can sit there for hours and second, I was excited to ring in my birthday in Goa and party hard. You see it was best of both the worlds:) Continue reading “The Sky Lantern | Goa”